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Happy Wesak Day 2018

Beautiful flowers bought for Wesak Day ~ Colorful chrysanthemum ~~ Really Beautiful & inspire us !
Wishing everyone having a blessed & happy Wesak Day !!! Being blessed with good health, good life & peace in mind & soul~! Amituofo
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MOTHER'S DAY UPDATE - She was a real beauty at her young age ~!

A week after Mother's Day..........

This year, we didn't have any celebration Mother's Day as my elder brother was working on that day. Initially, we thought to celebrate it without my brother attendance but mom said 'No' because it looked a incomplete family for mother's day celebration  and  the most important was that she wished all of her children were with her for celebration. ( My poor mommy didn't have celebration this year )

So, at last, we just had simple family diner at home.. And, had a very simple tea+cakes session with her in the late night. Let her had some relax private place instead of just stayed at home for TV program.
By the way, my mom was a real beauty at her young age, don't you so ? !! I heard from her said that many admirers were going after her.... I think she didn't tell lie....LOL ~!


I do have a habit is that after I had contributed the best of my effort into my work regardless it came into good or bad result in the end, I will take myself or with my brother/friends to spend some nice time and good foods as a encouragement or appreciation to myself to work better and better , harder and harder in future. 
Some thought I got good life than theirs as I had been sharing quite lot of good foods and some leisure moment on some social medias. I always replied them said 'I did have my bad/down time just like you, just the case that you didn't know that I had passed through it all in the past (with smile)'
And, the most important is keep on your life track without being influenced by others easily and knowing to appreciate, being thankful/grateful of others contribution as well as our own efforts. I found this way be able to let me live more happier, motivated than previous. 
I always believe, all good things started from own, it's same goes to all bad th…


This is photo that I love at the first sight. It was being captured at one of cafes located at Sunway Geo by my brother ( Jeffrey Woo, LightBox Media (Malaysia) founder) . Photo taken by just using Iphone SE with natural lighting, with no any lighting assistance.  And, this version is original photo without any editing at all. 
Amazingly, its look just nice with it in naturally way which make me feel so comfortable and peace in soul ~!

P/S : Permission has been obtained to post it.


Everyone loves yummy foods, so do I . To me, If you want to eat yummy foods, you have to put effort on it in term of maybe you need to travel long way to find it, maybe you need to spend time to find, maybe you need to spend more money etc ... ( I am talking about most of the situation unless you are so lucky get know yummy, inexpensive & the location is near to your place..... )
The other way to cherish & enjoy yummy foods is D.I.Y (do it yourself). I am not the expert in bakery field but never try never know.... So. today I had decided to challenge myself to do the home-baked egg tart ~!
Egg tart is popular among Chinese community. We take it as our breakfast, for our tea time, as ours snack etc... At the same time, there has various choice of egg tart as well like hong kong style egg tart, Portuguese egg tart, ... and, today I challenge the easiest one called Egg Tart with Buttery base.
I did spent around 4-5 hours time to make it , It was tiring to spend such a long time …



Hi hi,... To all Disney's 'die hard' fan like me, do you feel extremely exciting about the 2017 movie of 'beauty & the beast' especially cast by Emma Watson.... Finally it had arrived in Malaysia and  broadcasted on Cinema from 30.03.2017 onward smoothly.
In the way of welcoming the 'beauty & the beast' movie 'arrival', Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall located in Bandar Sunway had organized a roadshow for the period from 10th Mar -26th Mar. Let's take a look at these photos that I had taken.

After enjoyed the roadshow, it's time to me to enjoy its' movie now~!!! ^_~


My friends used to tell me that I look like not so happy. I just wanna say that we cannot be happy on every second in our life ( if you can do it, cherish your happiness then ..). But we can do somethings to cheer up ourselves. To me, 'delicious foods' always are the one of the best & the only powerful enough to bright up my day. ..... 
These foods had delighted my life in the past week~~~~~Ma Ma Mia !!! 😋😋😋😋😋